Clinton sex accuser gets fierce on Stormy

Former President Bill Clinton

Juanita Broaddrick, who credibly has accused Bill Clinton of raping her during his time as attorney general for the state of Arkansas, says of the current brouhaha over Stormy Daniels’ alleged relationship with President Trump that both cases involved women, both involved men who became president, but that’s about the extent of the similarities.

“I have absolutely no respect for her coming forward like she has. I mean this woman is a porn star. She takes off her clothes for money, and if she ever did have this agreement with Mr. Trump it was for money. And this was consensual. Mine was a crime. There’s no comparison.”

She made her comments during an interview on the “Curtis and Cosby” show on WABC radio in New York.

WND reported just a few months ago when she was poking holes in Time magazine’s claim to be honoring women who



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