Clinton-linked billionaire, wife murdered in home, new report says

There were no signs of forced entry on the cold December morning when a Canadian billionaire businessman and his wife were found reportedly hanging from a railing at the edge of their indoor pool inside their mansion.

A new report by Haaretz claims the couple was murdered by a hitman. And it’s their connection to the Clinton Foundation‘s Direct Relief program in Puerto Rico and Haiti that has stoked rumors of a conspiracy in fringe corners of the internet.

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However, the authorities are being strangely quiet. Investigators have scoured Barry and Honey Sherman’s 12,000-square-foot mansion, hauled away the couple’s cars and even checked the sewers in one of Toronto’s most exclusive neighborhoods for clues. But police haven’t made any arrests or announced a search for any suspects nor have they said practically anything publicly about the deaths of drug company billionaire and his



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