Clinton investigation BOMBSHELL exposed by Fox News (lock her up!)

The investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton isn’t over — and Fox News just dropped a bombshell that links anti-Trump FBI agents straight to the bungled 2016 email probe.

During the last months of the investigation into Hillary’s illegal email server, FBI agent Peter Strzok was told about an “irregularity in the metadata of Hillary Clinton’s server that suggested a possible breach,” Fox News reported Monday.

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Despite being told about the metadata irregularity in 2016, however, Strzok never supported a formal damage investigation.

Strzok would later be exposed sharing anti-Trump text messages with another FBI agent, and notoriously promised to execute a “backup plan” in case Hillary lost the election.

Strzok was also a member of former FBI Director James Comey’s inner circle, and helped edit Comey’s infamous July 2016 public statement that said no criminal charges should be brought against Hillary.



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