Clinton Cash Author Reports – “The Strange Gaps in Hillary Clinton’s Email Traffic”

Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, has published a very important and disturbing piece over at Politico titled, The Strange Gaps in Hillary Clinton’s Email Traffic.

Here are some key excerpts:

But, when it comes to Clinton’s correspondence, the most basic and troubling questions still remain unanswered: Why are there gaps in Clinton’s email history? Did she or her team delete emails that she should have made public?

The State Department has released what is said to represent all of the work-related, or “official,” emails Clinton sent during her tenure as secretary—a number totaling about 30,000. According to Clinton and her campaign, when they were choosing what correspondence to turn over to State for public release, they deleted 31,830 other emails deemed “personal and private.” But a numeric analysis of the emails that have been made public, focusing on conspicuous lapses in email activity, raises troubling concerns that Clinton or her team…



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