Clarence Thomas Blasts Other Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is not happy that the Supreme Court did not take up this case involving the sovereignty of a State and its land. By refusing to hear a case, Congress has been given the go-ahead to hand over 10,000 acres of State land to a Native American tribe. This was not what Justice Thomas thought was intended by the Indian Commerce Clause. 

The effect of this ruling will be felt more and more as the Federal government takes over more and more of the powers that should have been reserved to the States. Justice Thomas has it right. Read this.

As Written By Ryan Lovelace for the Washington Examiner:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas criticized the justices’ decision on Monday not to take a case, saying they are “giving Congress the power to destroy the states’ territorial integrity.”

The high court on Monday rejected Upstate Citizens for Equality, Inc.



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