Civil War Coming to America? One German MP Thinks So

The leftists of the nation have for months been attempting to dismantle and delegitimize the forthcoming presidency of Donald Trump.

One former German MP has likened the rhetoric in America to the beginning of a new Civil War.

Whether it be through their wild, segregation-inducing tactics, or their blatant lawlessness in the face of a democratically fair and unchallenged election, the liberals of America are working toward another civil war in this great nation.

At least, that’s what one German MP believes.

“The US establishment is working hard to make it impossible for Donald Trump to ditch the warmongering policies previous administrations pursued, and to deliver on his pledge to mend relations with Russia, former CDU defense spokesman Willy Wimmer told RT.

“’When you see the situation in Washington, I think they are not willing, those who lost the election, to accept the new president whose name is…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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