CIA Warns ISIS Is Coming And Growing Stronger

CIA Warns ISIS Is Coming And Growing Stronger (Image: MGN)

CIA Director John Brennan, warns that although the U.S. has striked at ISIS forces it hasn’t seemed to cause much of a dent. He says that ISIS will intensify their terror attacks around the world. The CIA also believes that ISIS is exploring the best tactics for infiltrating the West (U.S.). They believe that ISIS is continuously trying to inspire attacks like the one in Orlando.

CIA Director John Brennan, in a chilling warning on the Islamic State’s growing influence, told lawmakers Thursday that U.S.-led efforts to strike at the terror group have not hampered its “terrorism capability and global reach” – a message that stands in stark contrast to President Obama’s more upbeat assessment earlier this week.

Brennan, testifying in a rare open hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, said ISIS likely will “intensify” terror…



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