Church Shooting in Tennessee Proves the Second Amendment Wasn’t Just for the Founding Fathers

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, until a man walked into a Church located in Nashville, Tennessee. He shot six people and killed 39 year old Melanie Smith, as she left the church.

According to NBC News:

Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron said that after fatally shooting Smith, the gunman entered the main sanctuary door, at the rear of the church, and “began indiscriminately shooting.”

Emanuel Kidega Samson, 25, identified as the suspect by police, told authorities he arrived at the church armed with a handgun just before 11 a.m. and “fired upon the church building,” according to a State of Tennessee affidavit.

An usher in the church, 22 year old Caleb Engle confronted the shooter and was pistol whipped. Somehow he then ran to his vehicle and retrieved his legally owned weapon while Emanuel Sampson was shooting randomly at church members.

When Engle confronted the shooter he



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