Chuck Schumer Hands Republicans the Supreme Court For the Next 30 Years

This column is my opinion but based on facts and history.  Liberals are declaring that the republicans have destroyed the Senate by using the nuclear option.  First, let me inform you of a couple of things.  First, the constitution makes no provision for a filibuster among it’s advise and consent on the nominees of any president.  That rule was written to block George W Bush judgeship appointments.  That was only 2003.  Secondly, neither party has ever filibustered a Supreme Court nominee.  Not until Chuck Schumer.

Chuck Schumer’s decision to filibuster Judge Gorsuch is a fatal blunder.  It will cost the democrats the Supreme Court for at least thirty years.  Let me explain.  Gorsuch has a long and solid reputation as a judge, witnessed by the fact that of his cases that were appealed…



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