Christians are like ISIS, says ‘gay’-wedding-cake-case protester

WASHINGTON – Hundreds of protesters on both sides of the issue swarmed the sidewalks around the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday demanding justice, as lawyers presented arguments over whether a baker violated the civil rights of a homosexual couple by refusing to bake a “gay” wedding cake for them.

While supporters of Masterpiece Cakeshop baker Jack Phillips chanted, “We got Jack’s Back” and marched holding “Free Speech” signs, those supporting homosexuals Charlie Craig and David Mullins chanted “Love wins.”

One man, who did not identify himself, told WND he came from New Jersey to hold a rainbow polka-dotted umbrella, and he compared conservative American Christians to ISIS, the Islamist terror organization that has killed tens of thousands across the Middle East in recent years.

“The only difference between right-wing Christians in America and ISIS is the religion that they pervert,” he said, “the religious symbol that they wear and Christians



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