Chris Kyle Punches Jesse Ventura Out Of Court

Chris Kyle Punches Jesse Ventura Out Of Court (Image: MGN)

Jesse Ventura’s court case for $1.8 million in defamation, against the Chris Kyle’s estate, was rejected this morning. After Chris Kyle claimed to punch out the “Scruff Face” former governor in his book American Sniper, Jesse Ventura has been out for vengeance. Jesse Ventura claims the event never happened, and that it has ruined his reputation within his Navel SEAL community. The case is being re-sent up through the court systems for a new trial.

The former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura’s, $1.8 million judgment was rejected this morning, in his case against the Chris Kyle estate. 

Jesse Ventura claimed that he had been defamed in Chris Kyles book “American Sniper.” In the book, there is a chapter entitled “Punching Out Scruff Face,” where “scruff face” was later identified as Jesse Ventura. 

The courts rejected the award for $500,000 for defamation,…



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