China Has Won The Information War: Nothing Is Safe

China Is Controlling The FBI (Image: MGN)

A veteran FBI electronics technician was arrested for acting as an agent for the Chinese government. Joey Chun had top level security clearance at the FBI and was selling secrets to an electronics company in China as well as the government there. Not only did he commit treason but he tried to connect another agent to the Chinese government as well, asking for a “cut” of his money in return.

A massive security breach just happened in the FBI that could cost lives of the American people. An electronics technician who had top security clearance levels at the FBI just pleaded guilty to acting as an agent for the Chinese government. He now faces up to 10 years in prison.

Joey Chun, as he was called, was actually Kun Shan Chun was born in China. He began his career with the FBI back in…



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