Chicago Carjackers Tease Cops with Social Media Trend

Chicago already had a bad reputation for crime. And now, violent gang members are actively making it worse by posting prized photos on social media of the luxury cars they’ve stolen.

But we can’t just blame it all on Chicago being Chicago. There’s a wave of idiots getting the same idea in St. Louis, Milwaukee and Baltimore. All of these cities are seeing a noticeable rise in carjackings. Police in St. Louis spoke to local media confirming the problem, saying that they’d already had to put together a special taskforce to track the thefts and that they quickly realized that the gang members responsible are going out of their way to post their prizes on the Internet.

When media first started reporting on the wave of luxury carjackings,  police at the time stressed that all you know is that you’re chasing a car, not an individual, and you have



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