Chelsea Manning to speak on ‘ethics of public service’ at UCLA

On Friday, Campus Reform reported that the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) invited Chelsea Manning, the Army private convicted on six counts of espionage, to speak on “ethics in public service” and “activism and protest” this week.

According to Campus Reform:

The announcement for Manning’s talk acknowledges her violation of federal law, but frames her as an advocate for “government transparency” and “transgender issues,” noting that Manning publicly identified as a transgender woman while in prison, where she “asserted her right to medical therapy.”

At UCLA, Manning is slated to speak on issues including “ethics in public service; resistance in the age of artificial intelligence; activism and protest; transgender issues; and the intersection of technology and people’s lives,” according to the announcement.

While Manning has had a tricky time gaining acceptance by academia—in September she saw her invitation to serve as a fellow at Harvard University rescinded within



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