Chelsea Handler Says There is ‘Blood On Hands’ in Florida School Massacre

Chelsea Handler says the NRA and Republicans have blood on their hands over the Florida massacre and it is their fault it happened because they won’t get behind banning guns. She doesn’t care about the victims… she cares about stripping people of their Second Amendment rights.

A bunch of celebrities piled on after that. It’s disgusting.

I can’t imagine the horror of those Florida parents who sent their children off to never have them come home again. Or the spouses of the teachers and others who were killed as well. My next thought was that if those teachers had been armed, they could have stopped this sicko.

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Cue the media and celebrities screeching for gun control.

Handler and others didn’t even wait for the body count, they began immediately to lay blame on the NRA and the GOP. I heard mentioned over and over that



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