Chelsea Clinton elected in 2018? (Hillary’s revenge!)

Last year, The Horn News reported that Hillary’s revenge began Dec. 15, 2016 — and right on cue one year later, another piece of her secretive puzzle has fallen into place.

The mainstream media, out of nowhere, has jumped on board.

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Despite tasting the bitter rejection of American voters in the Nov. 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton has refused to go away. Throughout President Donald Trump’s first year in office, Hillary has been busy pulling strings and setting plans in motion.

Immediately after the 2016 election, Bill and Hillary Clinton put what remains of their political capital behind the future of daughter Chelsea Clinton — and speculation surrounding Chelsea’s next move has been a whirlwind ever since.

Now, the media is calling for Chelsea to run for senate in 2018… in Arkansas, her home state. They want her to run for Republican Sen.



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