Charlottesville rally of the faithful hopes to heal city

There was a different kind of Charlottesville rally held and it was done by Christian believers. The goal was to unite the city against the divisiveness that occurred when Unite the Right held their slugfest a few months ago. They want to prevent the city from having another round of violence. United, they have a stronger voice and with God’s help, they will succeed.

As Written By Amber C. Strong for CBN News:

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Four months after violence broke out on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia during a Unite the Right rally, there’s a different scene. Protests have been replaced by prayer.

Faith leaders from all across the country marched through the streets, past the Robert E Lee statue and past the scene of Heather Heyer’s death.

“Houston got hit by a real hurricane, we kind of got hit by a political one, a spiritual one, “said Dr. Mark Beliles, co-chair of Healing4Charlottesville.
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