Challenger to Elizabeth Warren: Get rid of groper’s donation

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

The state representative challenging Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her Senate seat is urging her to clean out of her campaign war chest the donations she got from actor Ben Affleck, “now that he has admitted to groping Hilarie Burton.”

The scandal that erupted when the New York Times wrote about the multitude of claims by actresses and others that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein either sexual harassed or molested them now is expanding.

Affleck, a veteran of the MTV program Total Request Live, condemned Weinstein after the allegations surfaced, but abruptly found himself targeted by complaints that he, too, had victimized a young woman.

He promptly apologized for “groping the actor Hilarie Burton” during a TRL program in 2003, stating, “I acted inappropriately toward Mrs. Burton and I sincerely apologize.”

The issue arose because his encounter with her apparently was an open secret in Hollywood, and when Weinstein’s case



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