Celebrate The U.S. Constitution Sunday Sept. 17th: Constitution Day

Generally, revolutions are followed by counter-revolutions. The Russian revolution which was led by capitalists against the Tzar was quickly followed by a takeover by the communists who established a strong-arming dictatorship.  The French revolution to overthrow the monarchy and create a republic was followed by the dictatorship of Napoleon, even here in the United States, a revolution designed to move away from a strong federal government of the British was followed by a counter-revolution. But unlike the French and Russians, rather than going back to a different form of the same tyranny they just uprooted, the American counter-revolution was an adjustment meant to guarantee the freedoms earned in its fight against the British. Every year on September 17th we celebrate that counter-revolution also known as the United States Constitution.

On September 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met in secret for the last time to sign the document



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