CDC Cover Up: Zika Test Is A Failure

The CDC Has Been Using The Wrong Zika Tests (Image: MGN)

Robert Lanciotti, chief of the CDC labs, just blew the whistle on a new test to detect Zika. Apparently, the test misses 40 percent of Zika infections. The commotion caused an internal investigation by the CDC. The report, which was sent to the White House and Congress, said they are trying to greatly improve testing.

In recent months the topic of Zika has flourished. With the rise in cases, the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has their hands full. Yet, the hardest question still remains to be, “What’s the best way to test whether someone is infected.”

Not only is it the hardest question, it also remains to be a hot buttoned debate topic for employees of the CDC. Robert Lanciotti, chief of the CDC lab, is responsible for developing tests to diagnose disease. However, he was…



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