Can You Tell What’s Missing From This Picture of Victoria’s Secret Models?

In the following picture, you can see four beautiful Victoria’s Secret models, including superstars  Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio.  There is something odd about he picture.  Did you spot it?  Some people have claimed it has been photo shopped but it hasn’t been.  Give up?  Karolina Kurkov does not have a belly button.  Not an innie or an outie.  None at all.  As a small child she had surgery (Probably an umbilical hernia) an she no longer has a normal belly button.  Photographers actually photo shop her modeling pictures to make it appear like she has one.

 Many viewers said Karolina Kurkov, the blonde model standing second from the left, looks like she does not have a belly button.

“Not innie, not outie, Noughty,” commented one person.

Another speculated that she was missing…



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