Campus Anarchy; When Enough is Enough

America’s college campuses have long been a place where our youth learn to spread their wings, grow into adulthood, learn responsibility and become educated in a wide variety of professions and careers. A college is a place where a youngster is supposed to learn not just book knowledge, but learn how to think in a broader framework and become problem solvers.

Except for West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Acadamy, most if not all college campuses have over the past two centuries been the focal point for untold amounts of protest. Women’s suffrage was the hot potato just after the turn of the twentieth century, and our colleges saw many, many protests as female Americans fought for the right to become voting citizens.

College campuses have long been a ground zero for so many major issues throughout our illustrious history. Wars have been protested, social injustices have been picketed, and



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