Calls grow for Trump to read FISA memo at State of the Union

One thing is abundantly clear about the hotly debated four-page FISA memo, which is said to be about Obama-era abuses of the executive branch’s surveillance under federal law. Specifically, substantive questions have arisen in the course of the Mueller investigation that have gone unanswered.

Andrew McCarthy at National Review Online says there are six such questions, none of them calling for “nuanced” answers. They are reprinted below for your convenience:

Were associates of President Trump, members of his campaign, or even Trump himself, subjected to foreign-intelligence surveillance (i.e., do the FISA applications name them as either targets or persons whose communications and activities would likely be monitored)? information from the Steele dossier used in FISA applications? Steele-dossier information was so used, was it so central that FISA warrants would not have been granted without it? If Steele-dossier information was so used, was it corroborated by independent FBI investigation? If the dossier’s



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