Calls for Franklin Graham to be barred from entering the UK?!

The Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Religion in America is not treated the same way in the United Kingdom as these attacks on Evangelist Franklin Graham point out. Because Mr. Graham has spoken biblically about LGBT and Muslims, that is considered hate speech. There are calls from politicians to ban his entry. 

As Written and Reported by Chris Enloe for The Blaze:

Franklin Graham, son of legendary evangelist Billy Graham, won’t be allowed entry into the United Kingdom for an event next year if several UK government officials have their way. They accuse Graham of speech crimes that would be covered by the First Amendment in the United States.

What’s going on?

According to the Asheville Citizen Times, several government officials have asked the UK home secretary, Amber Rudd, to consider refusing Graham entry into the country next year when he is slated to be a featured speaker at



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