Call for atheists, LGBTQs to join forces against Christians

(PJMedia) In a new book titled Queer disbelief: Why LGBTQ Equality is an Atheist Issue, writer Camille Beredjick proposes that atheists unite with LGBTQ communities as allies against Christianity.

A professed atheist and LGBTQ activist, Beredjick says that the two sides have much in common and are fighting a common enemy. Speaking to Religion News Service, Beredjick explains the genesis of the book.

This book came out of a long, professional relationship between myself and Hemant Mehta, who writes The Friendly Atheist blog. We started to see religious arguments against the movement for transgender rights and it seemed like a good time to talk about how these two groups — atheists and the LGBTQ community — receive outcry from organized religion in a very intense way and to talk about how they can best be allied and what’s at stake when we don’t work together to address our



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