California Mayor Defies ICE: Warns Illegal Aliens Ahead Of Sting Operation

Oakland, CA Mayor Libby Schaaf (Democrat), tipped off illegal aliens concerning an upcoming raid from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, further displaying the stark divide between immigration officers and Golden State politicians.

This is straight up obstruction of justice. In essence, she flipped off ICE. She issued a media release on twitter warning illegal immigrants that an ICE raid imminent, acting as a de facto gang lookout.

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More than 150 were rounded up by ICE, but more than 800 evaded capture thanks to Mayor Schaaf. No one is above the law. She should be arrested for this. The warning, which Schaaf put out around 9 pm on Feb. 24, warned illegal immigrants that the next raid would be “starting soon, as within the next 24 hours.”

— Libby Schaaf (@LibbySchaaf) February 25, 2018

Local media outlet KTVU reported that ICE agents had been



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