California Lawmakers Vote Themselves FREE Gasoline Then Hike Gas Taxes 400%

November 1st, the next step of the HUGE California Gas Tax hike takes effect state gas tax jumps from 29.7 to 41.7 cents a gallon. It started at 18. It will end at 47.3 by 2020.

Diesel hikes even bigger, from 16 cents to 36 cents.

Note that they did it in steps to deceive the public. Why didn’t the cowards just hike it all at once?

What is the most obnoxious part of all this? Those idiots in Sacramento legislated themselves free gas… and cars.

My good friend Steve Tillery posted a notice on Facebook put out by a gas station, warning its customers of the coming price increase:

Who do they thank? The ultra-liberal super-majority California has elected and their fearless leader, Governor Moonbeam!

They should all be taken out in front of the capital, have their butts bared in public, and have a Texas belt used on everyone



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