California claims it can’t promote abortion without pro-life centers

U.S. Supreme Court

California has filed a document with the U.S. Supreme Court complaining that it cannot adequately promote abortions to its women without the help of a tiny number of pro-life pregnancy centers that offer pregnancy tests, diapers and counseling, mostly.

The arguments come in the fight over the state’s law, similar to a number of others that have been struck down elsewhere, that demands that those independent, often charitable, centers deliver a notice to every woman who walks in the door that state-funded abortions are available, and then provide a telephone number for them.

The high court is reviewing the situation now, and the state of California is defending its abortion promotion, “a brief, non-ideological notice that readers will quickly identify as simply one of many government-mandated notices in the healthcare context.”

The pregnancy centers, however, explain that the abortionist promotions are a violation of their free



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