California Becoming Decidedly Defiant to The Donald

California may not secede quite yet, but they are working overtime to stifle Donald Trump’s success.

It all began with a wild notion named “Calexit”, a tongue in cheek homage to the British secession from the European Union late last year.  Now, Californians are exuding their far-reaching liberal angst in an attempt to stymy and stifle any directives coming from Washington during the Trump presidency.

“California is becoming to Mr. Trump what Texas — which is as Republican as California is Democratic — was to President Obama: a sea of defiance and a potential source of unending legal and legislative challenges. Texas sued the federal government more than 40 times in recent years, moving to block an influx of Syrian refugees and to stymie air pollution regulations and Mr. Obama’s health care plan. Earlier this month, Democrats in the California state legislature hired Eric H. Holder, the former attorney general, in anticipation…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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