CALI GOV Jerry Brown Admits Minimum Wage Hike is A Sham – Does It Anyway

Economically, a $15 minimum wage doesn’t make much sense for many parts of California.

Even Gov. Jerry Brown, who on Monday signed a bill to increase California’s minimum wage to that level, knows that.

In what could go down as one of the most honest moments in political history, Brown told reporters that raising the minimum wage was more about culture and politics than about economics.

NO WORK TO BE FOUND: More than a dozen California counties have unemployment rates of more than 10 percent, ranging from Imperial County (18.6 percent unemployment in February) in the state’s southeast corner, to Siskiyu County (11.3 percent) along the border with Oregon.

“Economically, minimum wages may not make sense,” Brown says in a video posted online by the Sacramento Bee newspaper. “But morally, and socially and politically, they make every sense because it binds the community together.”

The bill Brown signed…



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