BUSTED! These “NFL fans” were actually paid actors

Ratings and game attendance have plummeted for the NFL — and the photos from around the league Sunday are jaw dropping.

Just how bad has attendance gotten? Deadline reports that Fox Sports was caught paying actors to show up and pretend to be Los Angeles Rams fans on Sunday.

And across the league, ticket prices have plummeted as fed-up fans stay home.

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Since the anthem kneelers began their protests, the FL has seen less and less fans show up for their games.

Not many fans were around to watch Green Bay Packers down the Cleveland Browns in a 27-21 final.

#loyalty #ClevelandBrowns #GoBrowns #firstwin #cleveland pic.twitter.com/xMPcEXD9NP

— DigitalDaddy (@digital_lif3) December 10, 2017

Home team Cincinnati Bengals got rocked by the hapless Chicago Bears, but no one was there to see the embarrassment.

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