British Detectives Investigating Poisoned Russian Spy Are Poisoned in Russia

Russian whistleblower Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned in London when his tea was laced with Plutonium-210.  British investigators trying to solve the case went to Moscow, where they claimed they were poisoned while in the office of the prosecutor general.

Officers from Scotland Yard were sent to Moscow to investigate the men suspected of poisoning Mr Litvinenko, a former KGB agent and critic of the Russian government.

Former detective inspector Brian Tarpey, who led the investigation, said members of his team were poisoned during a visit to the prosecutor general’s office.

Litvinenko defected to Great Britain and planned to expose the corruption within the Russian intelligence.  Litvinenko fell ill in November of 2006 and died three weeks later.  The autopsy showed that he had died as the result of Plutonium-210 which…



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