Bring Back Christmas! Grassroots Group Pressing Major Retailers Return ‘Merry Christmas’

For some time now, many major retailers have ran a muck with political correctness and demanded their employees refrain for using ‘Merry Christmas’, opting for ‘Happy Holidays’.

But a now the grassroots are fighting back. A nonprofit group that is dedicated to fighting political correctness and protecting our religious freedoms has created a new initiative called Bring Back Christmas.

They have one goal. To urge these major retailers to stand by our heritage and reverse the political correctness, reinstating ‘Merry Christmas!’ This conforms with recent polling that shows that barely 15% of Americans are for throwing out the Merry Christmas greeting!

Their mission has been to: “Protect our Religious Freedoms and ensure that all Americans can say, “Merry Christmas,” without censure or reprisal.” We also ask, “that public displays of The Nativity and Christianity be allowed no matter where ‘We the People’ go to school, work, worship, shop, or frequent,



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