Breaking The Tower Of Babel: Why Trump Should Keep Tweeting

By J.E. Dyer

There are things I presume to edit Trump on, such as his omission to date of an outline for understanding U.S. policy in Syria; that is, what U.S. interests and goals are.  Obama never gave us such an outline, and Trump could accomplish more by ponying one up than he apparently thinks.  Even in our compromised condition of national power, shaping everyone’s expectations is still a big power booster, and usually an obviator of at least some need for persuasion by armed force.

I’d like to see Trump using all his voices, and making that strategically useful nod to the conventions of statesmen.

But one thing I won’t criticize Trump for is his tweeting.

I was thinking this over the last couple of weeks, listening to the talking heads wring their hands over Trump’s tweeting habits.  Hey, the theme goes: maybe he’s not the anime villain we thought…



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