BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Caught Colluding With The Russians AGAIN!

Hillary Clinton not only colluded with the Russians to get the Trump Dossier, she has been caught in current negotiations to get more Russian intelligence on the President! Like NOW!

According to long-time Clinton watcher and author Ed Klein, Hillary Clinton’s camp didn’t just put money on the bogus anti-Trump “Russian Dossier” but they were recently looking to fund a second dossier from the same British ex-spy who produced the first one.

‘There are many wealthy people in the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ who are more than willing to put up whatever money is necessary to get this new information,’ said a member of Hillary’s inner circle.

‘She’s convinced that Trump made business deals with Russians with ties to the Kremlin in return for a promise to offer the Russians favorable trade conditions,’ according to a source who was privy to her conversation with her husband.

‘There are also claims in



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