BREAKING: Hannity Says Multiple Sources Say Missing Texts Being Recovered as We Speak

Sean Hannity who has close ties to many in congress says that multiple sources tell him that the recovery of the missing Strzok and Page texts have been found and are being recovered right at this moment.

Hannity: MULTIPLE SOURCES Tell Me DOJ Is Retrieving Missing Text Messages Between Anti-Trump FBI Lovers Strzok and Page

From The Gateway Pundit

As TGP’s Cristina Laila reported moments ago
The timeline of the ‘missing’ text messages is highly suspicious. They begin on December 14, 2016 and go through May 17, 2017 which is the same day Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel.

Imagine what the ‘missing’ text messages say about the Trump transition period, Russia dossier, “secret society” and moments leading up to Mueller’s appointment.

The most shocking thing we have found out in the new



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