BREAKING! CIA Officer Caught Spying for China! Responsible for Numerous Deaths of Informants!

A former Central Intelligence Officer, 53-year-old Jerry Chung Shing Lee was arrested on Monday, after a long FBI investigation dating back to the Obama years.

Lee was charged Tuesday with unlawful possession of secrets, but is suspected of a much worse crime: betraying U.S. informants in China. He worked for the CIA between 1994 and 2007, when he left for Hong Kong.

He was charged with a single count of unlawfully possessing national defense information. This was based on a search that found him to be in possession of two notebooks containing the true names of CIA assets and covert facilities, which are some of the agency’s most closely guarded secrets. Lee began working at the CIA in 1994 and had a top-secret clearance.

Here is the timeline:

2010: Information gathered by the US from sources deep inside the Chinese government bureaucracy start to dry up 2011: Informants begin to disappear. It



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