Breakdown: Basic Services And Supply Chains Are Rapidly Breaking Down All Over The Globe

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We can’t say we haven’t been warned that things would get worse in 2022. Now, this is exactly what’s happening. All over the nation, basic services are breaking down and supply chains are in total chaos due to a slowdown in production and a severe shortage of workers. All of these problems already existed last year, but our leaders decided to ignore them. The mainstream media didn’t pay much attention to what was going on until things have gotten too bad. And now that the emergence of a new highly-contagious variant has taken these crises to an entirely new level, that’s all they talk about. Over the past few days, countless stories covering the nationwide breakdown of services have started to become popular as conditions aggravated.
The Drudge Report recently exposed that all around the country, ambulances are seeping up to hospitals and then suddenly changing direction because hospitals are full. Employee shortages are causing delays in trash and subway services and diminishing the ranks of firefighters and emergency workers. Meanwhile, airport officials are shutting down security checkpoints at some of the biggest terminals in the U.S., and schools are deeply struggling to find teachers for their classrooms.
When people get to our hospitals, oftentimes they can’t get treated in a timely manner simply because there are not enough health care workers to treat them. Even though hospitals are trying to hire as fast as they possibly can, finding qualified staff is exceedingly difficult these days. For instance, in the Community Hospital of McCook Nebraska, Troy Bruntz, who runs the facility has been trying to recruit an ultrasound technician for the past six months, but so far he didn’t get one single application.
He explained that for lower-level positions, the hospital has to compete with the local Walmart store, where wages are rising much faster than in his facility. He has to keep track of the pay offered by the retailer and other large local employers, including a hose manufacturer, and an irrigation equipment supplier. That’s how crazy today’s job market has become. Today, there are over 10 million job openings in the United States, but in December, only 199,000 workers were added to the economy, according to the latest data released by the Labor Department. That was the fewest jobs added in any month of 2021, and a major disappointment to economists that had predicted jobs growth of double that number.
In the old days, a monthly job gain of 199,000 workers would have barely kept up with population growth. But our population has been declining at an alarming pace these days. Sadly, we may lose many more Americans this year given that our hospitals are absolutely overwhelmed, with hundreds of thousands of patients checking in week after week, and many of them are being left without treatment for days. Biden’s mandates for health care workers have done unprecedented damages to the system, and as hospitals scramble to hire more workers, the National Guard is being forced to serve hospital duty in some states.
That means that if you show up at your local emergency room with a serious condition or illness, you may get treated by a member of the Nation Guard that has absolutely no medical training. On top of all that, our nightmarish supply chain crisis is being intensified by lockdown mandates on the other side of the globe. Last year, our leaders have assured us that the computer chip shortage would be gone by 2022. But due to widespread factory shutdowns in China and dismal domestic production in the U.S., that shortage has gotten even worse.
The bottom line is supply chain problems are becoming more widespread and are worsening despite the government’s pledge to fix the mess. And thanks to the new surge in infections, we’re also witnessing extensive shortages of meat and eggs at local supermarkets from coast to coast. Food inspectors and plant workers are calling in sick but the thousands, and while production and processing slow down, several American supermarkets are reporting incidents of bare shelves.
These days, our leaders keep patronizing us without opening a window to hear what we truly want and need. They keep imposing more rules, more restrictions, and more mandates that don’t do anything but more damage since our population doesn’t trust them anymore. The more they clamp down, the more our society breaks down. Without a doubt, 2022 is off to an ominous start, and the weeks and months ahead don’t look very promising.​”

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