Boy ‘who came back from heaven’ sues Christian publisher

It’s hard to imagine the story of the runaway bestseller “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” – revealed to be a total fraud after selling more than a million copies – getting any more bizarre, but it has.

William Alexander Malarkey, now 20, is suing publisher Tyndale House over the profits the book generated before Tyndale took it off the market after Malarkey admitted, at age 16, that none of it was true.

The book purported to tell of Alex’s heavenly experiences while in a coma for two months after a car accident when he was 6 years old that left him a quadriplegic.

The complaint was filed in the DuPage County Circuit Court in Illinois, just outside of Chicago, where the publisher is located.

It seeks damages for defamation, deceptive trade practices and violating a state law protecting disabled persons from financial exploitation.

The suit claims the publishing house used



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