Border Wall Super Bowl Ad Rejected by Fox

Media bias is playing a part in the advertising during the Super Bowl, and it’s definitely leaning to the left.

Now, even the Super Bowl ins’t safe from the influence of the American political left, according to reports coming to us regarding content that is being censored in Super Bowl advertising, a costly endeavor for any company to partake in.

“’It’s a big deal, something we’re excited about. There’s a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm,’ said Michael Brunner, the chairman and CEO of Brunnerworks.

“The creative minds of Brunner Advertising have been working for months on the spot for 84 Lumber.

“They have three goals in mind. Brunner says they want to generate national awareness of 84 Lumber, create pride in the workforce and fill jobs within the company.

“And it was in that effort that the ad apparently made FOX a bit uncomfortable.

“’Simply put, that was a spot that…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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