Border Agents Go Rogue, Defy The President

Some border patrol agents have been going rogue, resisting the President’s commands.

With battle cries of “#resist”, the leftists and globalists of America have show blatant and ridiculous disrespect toward our president.  The latest development in the case of liberal defectors comes to us from the agencies tasked with patrolling our nation’s borders.

“Some border patrol stations have been slow to carry out President Donald Trump’s immigration enforcement executive order and instead have continued former President Barack Obama’s ‘catch-and-release’ policies, according to a union official.

“Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told LifeZette that he raised concerns Thursday with U.S. Border Patrol Chief Ronald Vitiello. He said he is confident that issue soon will be corrected.

“But Judd said as recently as Thursday, some border patrol stations were still releasing border-jumpers, often without even issuing notices to appear in immigration court hearings. Obama’s policy was to release anyone claiming to…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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