BOOM: Texas Stomps CAIR: Bans Sharia Law Statewide

CAIR is not a bunch of happy campers today.  The Texas Legislature has passed a bill which will ban the use of Sharia law anywhere in the state of Texas.  The bill is now being sent to Texas governor Gregg Abbott, who will sign the bill and make it law.  Sharia Law isn’t even law.  It’s an edict from the Muslim religion and uses punishments such as mutilation, amputation, scourging, lashing and whipping, stoning, forced child marriage, and killing by such means as stoning, burning, being thrown off of a roof and beheading for various “crimes.”

The new law will protect Muslim women.

This provision protects Muslim women from harsh penalties in matters of divorce, child custody, forced child marriage and so-called “honor” punishments imposed as a matter of course in a culture and…



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