Blue Dog Democrats Warming Up To Parts Of GOP Tax Plan

It looks as if the Nancy Pelosi anti-business strangle-hold on the House Democratic caucus may be weakening just a bit. The Blue Dog coalition which I thought died years ago, published a document saying it’s open to lowering business taxes and other parts of the GOP tax plan, the first significant sign of a crack in Democratic opposition to the GOP approach. However, there is still a long way to go before they are in the same neighborhood as the Republicans.

The Blue Dog Democrats “plan” has five points:

1. Republicans must abandon the failed, partisan reconciliation process for major reform, and follow through with the expectation of using an open, bipartisan process and regular order.

2. Tax reform must be credibly revenue neutral, and unrealistic, rosy economic-growth projections should not be used to offset the costs of tax reform or tax relief.

3. The middle class must be the priority, and



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