Blog asks: ‘Should Trump send troops into California to remove anarchist government?’

On Monday, a post at Great American Politics asked if President Trump should send troops into the Sharia-compliant state of California to remove the administration of Governor Jerry Brown, better known to conservatives as “Gov. Moonbeam.”

D. Jolly expressed his support for the Tenth Amendment before adding:

However, when a state openly defies the federal government at virtually every level, it is no longer exercising their Tenth Amendment rights, but have turned to complete anarchy, which poses a direct and serious threat to the federal government and neighboring states.

Such is the case with California, that is not only defying the federal government on a number of issues, but have placed themselves above federal law in that their governor believes he has the right to pardon convicted felons who were being held in custody on federal crimes. Pardoning someone for crimes at the state level is one thing, but



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