Black Lives Matter… But White Lives Don’t

Black Lives Matter…But White Lives Don’t (Image: MGN)

A woman from Canada was assaulted after a women shouted “I hate white people!” and then punched her in the face. The judge on Tuesday, however, ruled that the assault was, in fact, not a hate crime. There was not sufficient enough evidence to prove that the assault was done out of racial hate. The assaulter spent six months in prison, while waiting for trial, then was let off the hook with probation.

Last November Lydia White, a woman from Canada, was assaulted by an aboriginal woman, Tamara Crowchief. The assault was not one of passion or a drunken brawl that got out of hand, it was an assault of hate and race. Crowchief yelled, “I hate white people!” then punched White in the face knocking out one of her teeth.

However, putting all that evidence aside, a judge, on Tuesday, ruled that…



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