Bikers Take Out Westboro Baptist Church at Marine Funeral

The Satanists from the Westboro Baptist Church got a rude but well deserved surprise when they attempted to disrupt the funeral of Marine  Corporal Richard Bennet, who died at the age of 25 while serving his country honorably in Iraq.  The mental midgets at Westboro believes God kills soldiers because of homosexuality.  Westboro made the mistake of telegraphing their intentions.  Bennet’s family was devastated that Richard’s funeral and Richard himself would be so disrespected.

But they needn’t have worried because a group of bikers who call themselves the Patriots Guard announced that they too would be attending.  They formed a circle around the cemetery all holding American flags and every time the Satanists tried to start a chant, bikers would rev their engines and drown them out.

Ken Van, a member of The Patriots Guard…



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