Better Late Than Never: Muslims Denounce ISIS

The Muslim Exodus Against ISIS Begins (Image: MGN)

The Ahmadiyya Islamic movement held a three-day convention in the UK, which over 30,000 Muslims from around the world attended. The last day of the convention the attendees were led in a vow of peace and a pledge of allegiance to their home countries. The organization itself was created in India in 1889 and has had these conventions in the UK for 50 years. The convention is a stance against ISIS and Islamic extremism, they believe the Islamic faith is one of peace not of violence.

The Muslim community is standing up against ISIS and Islamic extremists, in the best way possible. Much like the Jewish tradition to travel to Jerusalem (the Exodus) over 30,000 Muslims, from around the world,  traveled to the UK to protest. 

The Ahmadiyya Islamic movement was the organizing force behind the great exodus. The thousands of Muslims…



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