Ben Stein Calls Out Hollywood Bullies Trying to Topple Trump


It’s not too often that a celebrity personality will come forward from the murky depths of Hollywood’s liberalism to defend a conservative leader.

Former presidential speechwriter Ben Stein has gone on the offensive against Hollywood’s liberal bullies.

Yet, that is exactly what happened on Fox News this week as television personality and former presidential speechwriter Ben Stein completely lambasted the Hollywood liberal elite and their repugnant response to President-Elect Donald Trump.  Recognizing the overwhelming bias in Tinseltown, Stein went on the offensive.

“Stein said, ‘I’ve earned my living – most of it in the vineyards of Hollywood for the last forty years. And a bigger bunch of bullies you have never seen in your life. Think of the most thuggish bullies from West Side Story and you’ve got it. On the one hand some of them are very nice people. But the are a united, black-listing front that will…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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