Ben Carson’s Family Battling Fake News Report

Once again, the mainstream and alt-right media resort to their tried and true Fake News tricks. This time Mother Eart and  Newsone have resorted to fabricated and unproven claims. This time their target is Dr. Ben Carson, head of Housing and Urban Development for President Donald Trump. The charges are that the Doctor is using his family to help run HUD. Do you know what this is based on? It is astonishing, really.

As Written and Reported By  Benny Johnson for the Daily Caller:

Ben Carson’s family is flatly denying that they work for their father at the Housing And Urban Development in a nepotistic or nefarious manner.

A series of left-wing websites began propagating a conspiracy theory that HUD Secretary Carson was engaging in nepotism by secretly hiring his family to work inside the department. The claim, made on at least two different websites, originated in a Mother Jones report entitled: “Remember That



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