Bees Get A Helping Hand From Giant Food Retailer

The advent of genetically modified foods, or GMO’s, has led our nation’s agriculture industry down a twisting and tumultuous path.

Retail giant Costco is implementing new policies to help protect the bees of this world from pesticide-laced GMO’s.

Companies such as Monsanto are constantly fighting against the negative light being cast upon them by concerned Americans who believe that many of the giant corporation’s policies are detrimental to independent farmers in America.  Another issue with Monsanto, however, is that their GMO products have been linked to colony collapse – a disorder that is threatening extinction to several populations of bees.  Now, retail monster Costco is taking a stand.

“Costco, the popular wholesale membership market with nearly 500 U.S. locations and more than 700 stores worldwide, has announced that it is enforcing a bee-friendly policy requiring suppliers to stop using pesticides linked to bee deaths on plants sold in Costco stores.

“The announcement…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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